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Further Adventures of Lord Quas CD

"Madlib's 5-star Quasimoto album" - URB, May 2005
Lord Quas personally demands a high level of privacy, so Madlib and the heads at Stones Throw have been dodging questions about Lord Quas for years. Who is he? Why won't he perform live? When's the next album?
Mostly that last question.
The answer is now. Quasimoto is back with 26 tracks and 68 minutes of straight boom music. The Further Adventures find Lord Quas still digging for records, rolling blunts, and smackin' dudes with bricks. Madlib, for his part, appears to have been saving some of his best beats for Quas, and some that others were maybe afraid to touch. Consider the book on Hip Hop thrown out the window. Quas probably smoked it.
They've got MF DOOM along for a reprise of the Madvillain-Quas collab on "Closer". They've got M.E.D. from the Lootpack family up on "The Exclusive". Melvin Van Peebles (legendary filmmaker, the "Baadasssss" himself) shows up again on several tracks, as he did on The Unseen, channeled through the officially sanctioned use of a sampler. Madlib also takes the mic for several tracks among them "Rappcats", the ultimate ode to 80s hip hop; "Raw Addict Part 2", the ultimate ode to crate digging and sampling; "Another Demo Tape", the track that might result in his never again being given a CD demo from a stranger. Quasimoto's at no loss for words though. With some wild tales of crime sprees, kidnappings, and a fetish for some booty, we can assume he'll still be known as "the Bad Character."
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