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A collection of warm electronic folk songs, full of dreamy tones and true avant tweenes. Carrie's breathy voice takes us close to the worlds of Piana, Stina Nordenstam and Tujiko Noriko, as she strums her guitar alongside a basic print of electronic sounds. Her honey voice floats into an unforgettable pool of soft melodies, cushioned beats and childlike wonder, as Carrie truly displays a unique sensibility that brings us close to a world full of love and humor. Carrie, Laura B. from Guadalajara México, is one of the young leading artists in a new wave of sounds coming from Mexico. Her music has appeared in samplers from electronica indie labels in her country, such as Abolipop and Soundsister, and her demo caught the attention of many journalists and radio stations in Mexico and Spain that immediately praised her simple but sweet electronic songs sung in English. 'Honey Blue Star' is Carrie's debut album, produced with Ruben Tamayo (Fax).
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