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Ebb and Flow

Time to Echolocate CD

"Though retrofit and stabilized on the surface, San Francisco churns and shifts on rivers of lava underneath. The Ebb & Flow bring the tense balance of these tectonic shifts to the surface through an aural montage that unites kraut-rock, 70's progressive, soul, post-rock, jazz and synth-pop. They channel the sounds of the future through the organic, analog instruments of the past. If Sun Ra, Wendy Carlos, Nico, Neil Young, & Faust had one musical offspring, it would be called The Ebb & Flow.
Roshy's arsenal of Moog synthesizers and Farfisa organ chirp and swell alongside Sam's cubist telecaster hooks and dissonant harmonies. Sara's '68 Slingerland jazz kit marches with the deep groove of the Farfisa pedals creating the solid foundation for the Ebb & Flow's songs. Lyricists Roshy and Sam take turns at the mic bringing a level of stylistic variation to the repertoire. The sound is like three records being played at once, perfectly in phase, in symbiotic meter and timbre, but each with their own logic and intent. The result is organic, dynamic, polyphonic bliss.
The band has earned a name for itself in San Francisco, playing with bands such as Call and Response, Electrelane, Gogol Bordello, Firewater, The Radar Brothers, Rogue Wave, Citizens Here and Abroad, and at the Fillmore Lounge with Stereolab and Modest Mouse."
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