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10th Avenue Freakout CD

"After three acclaimed releases with Ninja Tune, Andrew Broder brought his Fog project to Lex Records in 2004. With Lex, Broder has found the encouragement to develop his well-deserved reputation as a sonic-maverick, creating marvelous sounds out of meager studio dust. Recorded almost entirely within the confines of his Minneapolis home (on 10th Avenue, of course), Broder's new album features contributions from several notable avant-garde musicians, including George Cartwright (Curlew), Michael Lewis (Happy Apple) and Dosh (Anticon)- not to mention contribution from all members of the Fog live band and production assistance from Tom Herbers (Low). Only a music-maker as assured as Broder could corral such a group into smoothing away the usual contradictions of contemporary music. This is indie rock that'll make you smile, free jazz you can dance to, and electronic music you will actually want to engage with again and again."
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