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Bringing the lo-fi sound from the fringes of indie rock to within striking distance of hip-hop and country, THE BAD HAND makes doing it yourself look easy. Guitarist John McClain and drummer/producer Dwayne Hoover are discerning music lovers who have grown weary of slick, heard-it-before hipster trash. Recorded in a San Francisco apartment building between noise violations, THE BAD HAND's first 7" single is putting the 'mental' back in 'instrumental'. The A side, "SWAMP HOP", is a sleazy ride through John's bayou of debauchery...fierce, fuzzy guitar and a funky backbeat on the drums. This music could make scandalous things happen. Flip to the B side; "MOMS DO IT TOO" is an easygoing groove about swearing and days gone by. The banjo at the end is reminiscent of lazy afternoons on the porch, and also of mosquitoes. THE BAD HAND is essential, but also complex; it is music for those who want to hear something new.
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