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Lau Nau

Kuutarha CD

The last year has seen an explosion & all-too-welcome interest in a vital, tightly knit scene of musicians from Finland. Out of the communal circle of prodigious Finnish musicians comes this lovely 10-song debut solo outing by Laura Naukkarinen (vocalist for Kiila & Päivänsäde). Kuutarha is all stray lullabies & plucked blues on a ghostly bed of 60-cycle vibrational hum. Sung in her native tongue, Kuutarha intimates a secret language outside traditional words into something utterly beautiful & unrestrained. Melody is intimated through the contours of voice, guitar and violin, and arrangement is less a thing to do with the placement of things than with Lau's comfort in letting things fall where they may. Unhurried, imperfect, seductive, enchanting & mysterious.
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