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LCD Soundsystem

Yr City's a Sucker 12"

LCD Soundsystem's "Yeah" single was judged by many to be the underground dance anthem of 2004 and was included in almost every Top 10 Singles List floating around at 2004 year's end. A pretty tough act to follow. But look, jackass, that's what everyone said about "Losing My Edge." So calm down and quit nitpicking everything to death. Jeez. With the LCD Soundsystem debut full length double-CD dropping (via A Major Label) in America February 15, 2005, DFA Records takes what was meant as a UK B-Side for the album's first single "Movement" and gives it the good ol' 12-inch vinyl treatment, with vocal and instrumental versions. Both the rock and dance genres are given equal time and respect and the song morphs and chants its way into a giggling, grooving stew. The vocal version has been added to the debut album, but this 12-inch is USA-only and exclusive to DFA Records.
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