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Half-Handed Cloud

This is a Word, and Feet Need Lamps CD

Half-Handed Cloud's third album for Asthmatic Kitty, Thy is a Word and Feet Need Lamps, delivers an enlightening new collection of signature songs by singer/songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist John Ringhofer. HHC's first two full-length albums, Learning About Your Scale (2001) and We Haven't Just Been Told, We Have Been Loved (2002) left critics struggling to draw comparisons with other artists, but there is really no one quite like HHC. Thy is a WordŠ features guitars, cellos, pianos, breathy church organs, woodwinds, brass, non-instrument sounds, an eight-person choir, and various percussion, recorded almost entirely in a church sanctuary. The narrative songs of Thy is a WordŠ revisit Bible verses and stories- mostly Old Testament- that you may not have heard in Sunday school. Why recount the murder, mayhem, and sordid situations in The Book? Because as a whole it covers the entire spectrum of life, good and bad. Ringhofer, never didactic in his work, refrains from drawing conclusions, but subtly and cinematically directs listener's eyes and ears to the space between the words, leaving interpretation up to them
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