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Lost Marbles & Exploded Violence CD+DVD

Lost Marbles and Exploded Evidence might look like a duck, walk like a duck, and sound like a duck, but that doesn't mean it won't goose you. Sure, this is a limited-edition collection of songs from Enon, pas and present, but it's not a simple compilation per se. These songs span the history of Enon, from a humble beginning as John Schmersal's musical musings in 1998, through the mid-period four that Rick Lee, up to the trio (with Schmersal, Toko Yasuda and Matt Schulz) we know and love today.
These songs range from limited-edition singles to web-only downloads, and from semi-attainable to gimme-a-break-how-was-I-supposed-to-find-that? Lost Marbles and Exploded Evidence shows a band ebbing and flowing with styles and sounds, assembling one solid piece over a six-year period.
Enon felt compelled to share this audio documentation with you, and if that wasn't enough, please direct your attention to the DVD portion of today's presentation. On it you'll find tour footage, live performances, and a collection of videos, including the ye-popping clips for "In This City" and "Daughter in the House of Fools."
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