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Vrresto CD

"Fiendish and crazed, Ruins explore string-popping ideas only to degenerate into complex whirlpools of distortion, then regroup into a new version of their original idea with surprising grace. Ruins grow on you like a cancerous cell, and are killer." - CMJ
Like their visual namesake, Ruins are colossal--an avalanche of nuanced and direct energy written in stone. Japan's drum(s) and bass duo Ruins are renowned around the globe for their mind-bendingly fast and complex hyper-progressive rock onslaught. Ruins are masters of quick-change, stop/start tempos, time signatures and textures. Hardcore, psych, speed metal, art rock, funk--all are elements incorporated into their music, but what comes out is irrefutably original. Following 2002's 1986-1992 (Skin Graft) and Tzomborgha (Ipecac) comes Ruins' Vrresto. Previously only available overseas, 2005 finds Vrresto finally receiving a domestic release in a new edition, extensively remixed & remastered by Ruins founder Tatsuya Yoshida at Magaibitsu Studios in Tokyo. Vrresto also includes two previously unreleased tracks newly sequenced into the album, making this the broadest Ruins released to date.
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