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D.W. Holiday

Technical Difficulties, Under the Influence CD

Starting with what can only be classified as Space-Pop, this quirky music takes an experimental turn with digital and analog synthesizers. Blend this with a rock edge, acoustic guitars and raw emotions, and you have the music of D.W. Holiday. In a unique twist, D.W. Holiday's two songwriters have put together two separate bands performing the same music in both San Francisco and Minneapolis. What can be said about the band? Not much - formed in 1992, they're just a bunch of people who enjoy music. Almost as much as long road trips, living life, staying up, laughing, and imposing opinions upon each other. "While many rock-by-way-of-electronica bands in the Bay Area tinker with ambitious samples and beats that make the music danceable, D.W. Holiday take the route of those like Sigur Rós, who stick to the mellow side of things..." - Stephanie Laemoa, SF Bay Guardian
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