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Blow, The

Everyday Examples Humans Facing Straight into the Blow REISSUE CD

This album is from The Blow archives, originally released under the full band name Get the Hell Out of the Way. The Blow is Khaela Maricich, who recorded these songs in her bedroom on a cassette four track and reel-to-reel eight track for release as a cassette. It was packaged in a hand silk-screened and letter pressed cover and sold at the merchandise table on Khaela's first tour, with Jason Anderson in March, 2001. The packaging has been redesigned by Khaela for the CD version, with one of her drawings featured prominently on the cover. In recent years, Khaela's drawings have been featured on K releases by Yume Bitsu, the Microphones, Mirah, and The Blow. The songs included on Everyday Examples of HumansŠ are the first songs Khaela wrote using a guitar, as soon as she figured out a guitar playing method that suited her artistic temperament. They are simple, intimate songs, with very interior lyrics. They were recorded by Khaela with no guest artists, Khaela playing guitar and keyboard. These songs are still featured occasionally in the Blow's live performances; "Nothing" was re-recorded at Dub Narcotic studio last year and included on the Blow album The Concussive Caress (KLP153).
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