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Blue Ribbon

Another Time CD

Are you hoping to find an album by a new artist and end up falling in love with every song on the record instead of just one or two tracks for once? Do you like The Human League? Figurine? New Order? Chameleons UK? If you answered "yes" to one or more of the questions above, we promise that you will absolutely be taken by BLUE RIBBON. They are four: Jon, Steve, Bryan, & Jesse and they make some of the most powerful symphonic synth-driven melodies and sing the most memorable, catchy lyrics we have heard in quite some time. Their track "Eagles Fly" appeared on the "Hear You Soon : Part One" CD compilation on Blue Bell Records released in 2004 (Alongside such artists as: 808 State, Figurine, Greg Davis, HollAnd, Marumari, Lullatone, Freescha, Sybarite, and more), and tons of listeners wrote in to let us know how much they loved the song and wanted to hear more - and now we are quite pleased to give you what you asked for. We are confident that after your first listen to this album you will be loving this new band, and like us, their enchanting lyrics and thoughtful arrangements will be stuck in your head for days. Enjoy listening to the refreshing new sounds coming out of your speakers from Blue Ribbon and please . . . . don't forget to turn it up and dance!
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