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I'm Not a Gun

Our Lives on Wednesdays CD

"It's a busy life being John Tejada, a man who has graced some of the world's most highly regarded independent labels with his signature presence -- from the mighty Playhouse to Detroit's 7th City and onto Ferox, Jazzanova, Plug Research, Scape and even Sub Pop -- all the way to his own Palette recordings imprint. But it's together with Japanese multi-instrumentalist Takeshi Nishimoto, however, that John has produced perhaps his most remarkable work -- an acoustic overflow of ideas and post-rock configurations known as I'm Not a Gun -- a project that has already delighted with a debut album for CCO entitled Everything at Once. For the last 5 years, almost without fail, John Tejada and Takeshi Nishimoto have swept aside their busy schedules every Wednesday to record material for their I'm Not a Gun project. John plays the drums, the guitar and his trusted laptop, while Takeshi completes the equation with his signature guitar and bass padding. Their music is not only a homage to the post-rock soundscaping that Chicago has become so well known for, it's an advancement of its sound. There's an intuitive, slowly considered aesthetic here that echoes the patches, plug-ins and modules that dominate Tejada's electronic constructions -- maybe the music starts with a whir or with a bit-crushed malfunction, or maybe the changes and transitions are made with the help of errant digital devices and tricks learnt for an entirely different purpose. Or maybe, when it's been a particularly hectic week, all we get to hear are the sounds made by a gently strummed guitar and the dusty sweep of the drums. Whatever the mood, Our Lives on Wednesdays chronicles those moments withdrawn from the every day, just two musicians making music they love, taking their time. Who knows what they'll come up with next Wednesday? There's a lifetime of tracks to discover until then."
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