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Greg Davis

Mort Aux Vaches CD

"1) Field recording from the garden at Hotel Rembrandt across the street from VPRO studios. Fender rhodes improvisation. site specific. relocationing. 2) Convolved bit reduced slowed down glockenspiel tones and Casio sk1 organ drones. disintegration. colliding angled sounds. 3) Melodica chords. New years noise maker clickers. deconstructed cumulus beats. 4) Chord organ blankets. Scissors. paper. maracashakers. coalescing rhythms. First guitar. 5) Slow motion combines with fast motion. Chimes. Resonance. 6) Serein = a mist, or very fine rain, which sometimes falls from a clear sky a few moments after sunset. Tripleting gallops as three and two. 7) Tibetan singing bowls. microscoping. 8) Emerging from sleep to a smile and a hug. Plenty of sunshine. Second guitar. 9) Feedback valleys and dungeons. Quagmire. Tube tappings. 10) Thickets can be endlessly wonderful and complex. Beautiful inside. Altering preconceptions of noise. 11) Northern Arizona rainpipe. Sine tones. After Lucier. 12) Dancing with birds, rainshine, singing joy. 'from their eyes, the people must look like miniature toys.' 13) Children splashing in a bathtub. Arizona creek."
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