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Warn Defever

I Want You to Live a Hundred Years CD

"Fruits of a single autumnal day-stupor inspiration session by Defever (His Name is Alive/4AD/funds placement officer: TimeSTEREO imprint), focalizing on a sort of hybrid Guthrie/roots/OMATW/loafy approach (replete w/Opcode VINYL plug-in crackle overlay/ancient FOLK folk candids), not entirely like anything recent/tangible in head-cell-banks A/B (save maybe perhaps those two John Frusciante solo records. I can only imagine the look on Tye's face opening the mailer, expecting a Control Panel record (Warren's outronic alt-alter-ego) & instead getting a Sentridoh/Jandek/Revenant style soul-bleeder epic & attempting to talk anyone within earshot into seeing its genius. Kudos to the Lo staff for such brazen sensibilities. Inclusion of spurious Willie Nelson/Zeni Geva covers only confound further. Excellent." -- Hrvatski.
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