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Channel, The

Personalized CD

The Channel sound is a mix of psychedelic, pop and western tones. Visit the official site: The Channel began as a project of brothers Brent and Colby Pennington in the late 90's when they formed a band with a few of their friends as a means of passing the time. Colby then wrote and recorded on his own under the pseudonym Driftin Luke and his many Personalities and began collaborating with his good friend Joey Vaughan in various bands such as The Mighty Hebrews and Ol' Pioneers. These outings yielded many recordings that circulated mainly amongst friends and family. While Colby kept busy with his various projects, Brent began playing in an Austin band called The Arthurs. After a few homemade recordings and one minor studio effort, The Arthurs traveled to Portland, OR to record their debut LP, "Walking in the Sunlight", with Martyn Leaper of The Minders. Two small west coast tours ensued, and The Arthurs began to die down. It was during this time that Colby and Brent decided to resurrect The Channel with two of Brent's bandmates from The Arthurs, Andy McAllister and Jamie Reaves. In 2001, The Channel recorded their first full length album entitled Tones are Falling. C-Side Records eventually released the album while the band played shows around town to support its release. During this time, Colby and Brent's sister, Heather, was added to the group. The Channel continued to perform around their home state opening for acts such as Of Montreal and The Minders. Over the course of the next year, The Channel recorded a ten song LP entitled Personalized with all five members sharing the songwriting and production duties. The recording consists of nine original songs and a Will Oldham cover. The album was mastered by Jeff Saltzman at Superdigital in Portland, OR.
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