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Greg Davis

Diaphanous 12"

"This Lux Nigra vinyl is set to coincide with the issue of his third album Somnia for the Kranky label, collecting drone-oriented material Davis has been working over the last couple of years, and features an extended track and 2 bonus cuts to that fine full length. The lengthy a-side piece 'Diaphanous' included here, in fact, is an extended version of an edit which will appear on the CD-only Kranky album, and finds Davis in his most organic and involving form yet, playing toy harmonica, piano and a six string acoustic guitar that's then slowly and breathlessly treated by a delicately handled laptop. The tones that come out of the process bear little immediate resemblance to the instrument of origin, taking on extended and diffuse forms of their own. As a bonus, the two b-side pieces are exclusives, 'Deterior' may otherwise be located somewhere near the crisp improvisation of someone like Rosy Parlane or perhaps a less abrasive Fennesz, 'Swell' is almost entirely benign, beautifully weighted waves of melody, allowed to gradually unspool, like finely spun wool."
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