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Bossa nova brilliance! From the liner notes: "BRASIL '65 IS HERE! ...With a Sunny, Swaying, Gently-Swinging New Sound That's Charming North-American Audiences by the Thousands, featuring deft and subtle Jazz stylings by the SERGIO MENDES TRIO ...introducing the exciting songs in English and Portuguese of the youthful girl from Ipanema, WANDA DE SAH ...the superb Brazilian guitar of ROSINHA de VALENÇA ...the tasteful also sax and flute of North American guest star BUD SHANK Brasil '65's most obvious feature is its universal appeal: these youthful artists have been acclaimed by concert crowds in Rome and Tokyo, and have captured the praise of discerning audiences at Shelly's Manne Hole in Hollywood, where Capitol executive producer David Cavanaugh first heard them and arranged for these exciting studio recording sessions. In Brazil their music has created a concert demand matched only in the U.S. by several of the very top artists. Brasil '65's sound is more illusive than its great appeal might suggest. It's a fresh, contemporary sound that employs the new melodies and samba-like rhythms of Brazil's finest young composers. In a very subtle way it's a jazz sound; and in a very definite way it's a bright, happy, youthful sound. It is reminiscent of some of the best bossa nova music heard in the U.S. in the past two years, and of the Carnival themes from the film "Black Orpheus" Yet it's a sound that's lighter, fresher and happier than these. Its haunting quality has an underlying optimism about it. Its infectious understated rhythm seems to build a sort of momentum that moves listeners until they are caught in its spirit. And what a wonderful spirit it is, this magical thing called Brasil '65!"
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