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Black Belt

First Blood CD

Black Belt was formed early 2002 and the live debut was in september 2002. Since then Black Belt have played barefoot in most places in Stockholm. May 2004 saw them leave their home town for a club tour with rock/hip hop combo Infinte Mass. All lined up on the front of the stage (even the drums) this three man army deliver a liveshow which made the magazine Bon write "If you're only going to a rock club once this year, make sure Black Belt is on stage". A very hitting description of the band was found on the programme for the Pop Dakar festival 2004 which they played. "Black Belt - A live bomb: Take a table spoon of NY punk and a hint of Motown soul, some drops indiepop and a proper hand of seventies hard rock. Then let these three men get drunk on this potion for two years together with lots of beer and indian take away. Then put the whole package on stage and hit the power." First Blood is the Swedish trio's debut album, produced by Johan Gustafsson (the bassist from Randy who also had a hand in the recording the latest albums from The Hives and the Sahara Hotnights).
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