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Plug in City Universe 12"

With "PLUG-IN CITY UNIVERSE" continue the charming stereophonic adventure of the most eccentric and eclectic italian band VALVOLA, once more inspired by the suggestive and futuristic visions of the superheroes, architect group and installation artists ARCHIGRAM (the Beatles of the modern architecture). Music totally electronic (pop-art muzik?), ideal prosecution of the successfull album "All The Colours From Venus 69" that focalized the rising generation of the japanese avant-pop scene, Plug-In City Universe point the reflectors on Neo-electronics and European sounds. With ELECTRONICAT, DJ SPECTRA, PINE*AM and ASTRO BLACK STEREO, VALVOLA go through the elettro pop archive generating new collage sounds that we love to define electronic dirty rock'n'roll, ecstatic italo-disco, sleazy electroklash and robot-tech groove.
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