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If It Shines We Have It CD

Debut album from Norwegian duo who synth their way through 13 smart pop songs. Merging charming male & female vocals over crisp electro-beats, toy keyboards, organs & jazzy guitars, Kawaii creates melodies that will keep you dancing. Their style is sweet and sensible, but below the surface lies an erie multi-layered edge -- haunting at times -- pulling influences from some well-known Crépuscule and Factory artists. You can say their music follows the OMD school of rock. Experimental, but always tied to a tried and true pop song structure. Kawaii's music is honest, liberating and satisfying. Robert Pietrusko and Andrew Prinz (from MAHOGANY) were later recruited to add their own creative treatments to six of the thirteen mixes, so you can expect the production to be in top form. FOR FANS OF: OMD, Postal Service, Figurine, Kanda, early Magnetic Fields, Mahogany, Remington Super 60, Pacific (Creation Recs).
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