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The good folks at Static Caravan kindly asked Fence to record tracks for a 7" single, in particular a King Creosote side and an HMS Ginafore side. As luck would have it, Jim Jams was at a loose end in February, and contributed his drumming talents, xylophone, shakers and bells to a collection of Fence tracks by The Pictish Trail and KC.
A plot hatched all by itself, and the first two tracks out of the bag made the grade. "that bus you missed" / "the world this side of kilconquhar" by HMS G / KC for the a-side medley, and "i don't know where to begin" / "the vice-like gist of it" by PT / KC for the b-side medley.
Tracks in the works for a future Gangplank release include "that bus you missed", "my f.a.b. tattoo", "tryst sourire", "sunny side up", "the vice-like gist of it", "this flaw that flaw", "i don't know where to begin", "steady hold", "twist", "into the smoke" and the epic "blue life's a cookie humming beans" which features the Waid Academy 1st years in chaos.
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