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Cruel Machine CD

Greyscale is an instrumental trio whose distinct psychedelic sound is based on the interaction between soaring pedal steel and droning de-tuned guitar. These elements are held together by a shared love of melody and the ability to dynamically improvise complex arrangements. Greyscale's experimentation with resonant feedback to create "sonic textures" may invite comparisons with a raft of out-rock explorers taking their cues from Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine, but the member's varied backgrounds in rock, country and electronics make the Greyscale brew something unique. Greyscale are Paul Rigby (pedal steel, guitar, 12 string electric guitar, Watkins Copycat, banjo), a member of revered Melbourne outfit The Rectifiers, who takes pedal steel into the realm of pure sound; Cass Wigley (electric guitar, synths, keys, bass, programming), DJ and live electronic artist who brings the looping cut'n'paste production techniques of electronic music to the raw and essentially live sound of the band; and Paul Sloan (drums, radio transmissions), a musician and painter of growing renown, who provides the driving rock rhythms and is responsible for the beautiful artwork which graces the covers of Greyscale's CD releases which include a 2001 selftitled EP "Scientifically Rough" and their debut fulllengther "Cruel Machine", released in Australia on Recursive Records and Worldwide by Camera Obscura. Emotionally evocative, cinematic and forcefully beautiful, "Cruel Machine" transports the listener into a distinctive mood zone which continually winds and weaves throughout the entire recording. From sparse to dense arrangements, 'Cruel Machine' menaces and appeases the senses. Most tracks are spirited improvisations, recorded live and subsequently built up with additional instrumentation and supplemented with atmospheric field-recordings. The results are invitingly melodic but with a dark undercurrent that recalls psychedelic power-merchants like Bardo Pond, Kinski and Paik.
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