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Life From the Outside CD

Couchblip!'s master craftsman Bloq finally opens up his potato Barn and shows us what's inside. Life from the Outside is a truly beautiful debut release from this Sydney based artist. With each listen, these 13 tracks of signature Bloq production continually stay fresh and absorbing. Jumpy melodies and staccato beats combine perfectly to soothe or awaken. Forging new paths into electronic music in a distinctive and individual style, the album draw you in to an alternate world before shifting focus to offer a twisted new angle that only seems to further define the album.
"Life From The Outside is both highly melodic and rhythmic, discharging its dozen or so tunes in concise and polished orbs that glow with possibility. The shuttle of beats carries each concept through to completion amidst an atmosphere of experimenting melodics where the obvious is averted. Whilst almost random-sounding strings of pearls float to the surface to highlight intent and the mind behind all the emulated mechanics." - Paris Pompor
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