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The place is Oaklandish, California, and the medicine- fueled dream has ended. The waking moments of the young Greg Ashley finds the psychedelic troubadour and guitar hero creating a new, exciting sound quartet: The Gris Gris have arrived. A machine is born created out of the embers of all the distortion and blissed-out feedback the devil birthed in Texas circa 1967. Rollercoasting from the surreal goodness of Ashley's Medicine Fuck Dream to Can-flavored head-bobbing environments, to that particular corner of garage rock that testified to the Detroit losers in the guise of Back From The Grave and Nuggets compilations, the Gris Gris's debut Birdman release is rock'n'roll that will save some and rattle the rest.
The Gris Gris is touring all over America, having battled their way down to the Birdman showcase at South By Southwest and then jumping aboard the Carnivorous Rampage Tour (also featuring labelmates The Apes and The Modey Lemon). Their live show is breathtaking as Ashley screams with his guitar over one of the most solid, undulating rhythm sections ever put together.
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