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Faces, The

Long Player CD

A classic! 5 out of 5 stars on AMG!! "With their second effort, the Faces grew more muscular and loose, rocking with loose abandon on "Bad N' Ruin" and "Had Me a Real Good Time," two of their best songs. At the same time, their ballads also improved, with Stewart's "Tell Everyone" and Lane's "Richmond" rivaling each other for the most touching number on the album. Out of the two live tracks, "I Feel So Good" goes on a little too long, but "Maybe I'm Amazed" is tremendous the Faces tear into the song, transforming it from a McCartney ballad to a heartfelt cry of devotion. Long Player is a sloppy, terrific record; although it may have a couple of weak moments, it has the heart and soul of the band."
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