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Satin Black 2xLP

Clairecords brings you the first-ever vinyl release of a Paik record, and we couldn't be cackling like loons any more than we already are. Not just one LP, mind you, but a massive, epic 5-song masterpiece strateched across FOUR SIDES of wax, my friends - and strictly limited at that.
With the industrial environs of urban Detroit serving as their gritty backdrop, Paik create a massive sonic whirlpool that absorbs everything within its radius. Since bursting through the earthly atmosphere of the Michigan space-gaze scene-- the very force that brought us Fuxa, Transient Waves and Windy & Carl-- in 1997, Paik have climbed to stratospheric heights, charting fascinating new sonic frontiers along the way. As writer John Chedsey once summarized, "All this band needs is a little arrow pointing to some far-flung star stating, 'We are here.'"
With their fourth full-length, Satin Black, Paik have created an expansive, densely woven work of texture that rivals any they've created in the past. By stretching five compositions out an hour's time, the group canvasses a wildly- expansive swathe of color, mood and texture evocative of My Bloody Valentine and Mogwai. Inventive tunings and gallons of guitar afterburn wash up with intense volume, blistering feedback and an astounding range of effects. "Stellar Meltdown en el Oceano", the monochromatic, minimalist drone excursion that sends the album hurtling off into orbit, captures Paik is at their most adventurous.
With its creators a compelling presence on the avant-rock map. Satin Black is truly a work of beautiful noise. And Clairecords are thrilled to give it to you.
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