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Blessed Light

Love Lights on the Way CD

10 songs. New album from Seattle's Blessed Light, their first since their well-received EP on Made In Mexico in 2000. A therefore long-awaited collection of tender and wholesomely trippy soft rock stylings, shaded with a reverence for music of the 60s and 70s, with influences like Gram Parson's Cosmic Americana and George Harrison's All Things Must Pass really shining here. Blessed Light's chiming British pop, plush West Coast harmonies, and hippy-Christian folkrock recall The Beatles and Beachwood Sparks, pre-disco Bee-Gees and The Cosmic Rough Riders, The Tyde and Humble Pie, Mojave 3 and The Moody Blues... What sets Toby Gordon and The Blessed Light apart from other acts mining the retro rock aesthetic is the Excellent Song Writing. These twenty-somethings-in-a-time-warp have once again tapped into something totally beautiful and totally of eras past, a wonderful sleepy/druggy soft-pop/folk-rock record awash in luscious melodies and syrupy vocal harmonies.
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