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boylucas / layer

The Bianca Series Split LP

Theboylucas is a 22 year old kid from Bristol who has bewitched all with his debut album, Out Of The Wires (2003) on Output. For this split album he realized a unique track, (27 minutes) condensing different and delicious atmospheres. His long and kaleidoscopic composition, What Would, Could and Should Have Been, is a tangled labyrinth of sounds and evocations, in which is pleasant to lose our bearings.
Layer is a solo project of a young kid from Rome, whose method based on repeated processings of short compositions for electric guitar, marked by a massive use of delays, effects and various electronic equipment. Half among the ambient of Labradford and the delicate sketches of Vini Reilly of Durutti Column, his compositions are fragile and impalpable figures that soon get lost in electrostatic fog banks. Layer's fantastic debut will hand you earthly beings in the faint glimmering world of twilight butterflies where tiny sounds shape goldust rising......
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