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Chemical Friends CD

Known mostly as guitarist/vocalist in the San Francisco band Film School, Nyles Lannon is also active on many other musical fronts. With the recent release of his electronic record (BBC Album of the Week January 18), he completed an extensive European tour and is set to release another n.ln record with Bjork collaborator Thomas Knak. With the release of Chemical Friends, Lannon changes gears once again, moving to the realm of acoustic/electronic ambient pop. n.Lannon's heart-felt lyricism and solid musicianship demonstrates his comfort with intricate finger picking and singing and with programming beats and synthesizers. Hushed vocals float over dreamy washes of guitar that turn gritty and vengeful. Subdued acoustic strumming flows with glitchy beats and ghostly sound fragments. Bringing together early rock influences like Pink Floyd and Simon & Garfunkel with more recent abstract electronic influences such as Fuxa and Fennesz, n.Lannon's songs weave strong melodies with distant ambience and sparkling electronic production. The results are 11 beautifully crafted songs that make Chemical Friends a remarkable solo debut. Fans of Nick Drake, Simon & Garfunkel, Her Space Holiday and Elliott Smith will find themselves humming these infectious melodies shoulder to shoulder with fans of Postal Service and Pinback. Chemical Friends is destined to make many new friends in 2004.
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