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Everybody loves the underdog. They're unaffected, unassuming, and innocently charming. The Washington Social Club has a similar appeal, with their shameless straight-ahead approach to rock'n'roll. No one can ignore Catching Looks, their debut produced by Brian McTear (Matt Pond, Burning Brides, The Capitol Years). It's extremely catchy and instantly irresistible. Within seconds, these rebellious townies of rock lasso you into an indie-punk world brimming with zealous energy and solid hooks.
Washington Social Club's explosive, fun, accessible dance-rock songs undermine all that is drab, pretentious and dull; they dish out concise homages to the art of rock'n'roll and all that is associated with it, pulling even the stiffest audience members to their feet without ever having to beg. The group has already earned some noteworthy comparisons to The Clash, The Pretenders, Ted Leo and the wildest elements of late '70s British punk. The success of their self-released debut EP, And now for-, and sold-out live shows relied solely on word of mouth. They hit the road last year with Hot, Hot Heat and are now ready to spread their attitude and catchy-ass songs all over North America. featured them on The Leak: Advance Warning and called them a contender for best of 2004. Yes, the kids will love this. An exciting young band ... that updates the sound of old fashioned rock'n'roll with a wild, yelpy passion all its own. --NY Times [B]rilliant live performances-- all swagger and energy, brimming with raw enthusiasm and great talent --Washington Post
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