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thebrotherkite's debut arrived at Clairecords HQ and caught us off guard - the band's indierock aesthetics and strong vocals didn't exactly mesh with what we normally release here at the label, but the band's implementation of sonic textures and walls of guitars made it sit right on our palate and we were soon smitten. Lovingly subtitled "Death Cab for Shoegaze", the disc got all but worn out in its constant rotation from office to shop to car to home and back again. Providence, Rhode Island's thebrotherkite began crafting their shoegaze-inflected rock sound in 2001, when founding members Patrick Boutwell and Jon Downs began writing and recording original material as a duo. Bassist Andrea Mason and guitarist Mark Howard joined them in 2002. As a quartet, thebrotherkite released a split 7" record with Ocean State cohorts Vaguely Starshaped on Boston's Losing Blueprint Records. In early 2003, thebrotherkite set about recording their self-titled debut which, due to their phobia of conventional recording studios and methods, was a homegrown project in every sense of the word. Upon the album's completion, thebrotherkite found their fifth and final member, percussionist Matt Rozzero. As a quintet(and with the valuable assistance of a carefully-programmed Apple iPod) they were finally able to successfully recreate their layered sound in a live setting. thebrotherkite is a stirring dream-pop experiment that is as absorbing as it is challenging-and one that no discerning listener should go without.
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