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I Tweet the Birdy Electric CD

Cousins Sam Britton and Ollie Bown created Icarus in 1997 to represent a collision of ideas that were best expressed musically. I Tweet The Birdy Electric is an adventure in sonic construction and musical history, melding the base of electronic culture's past with new bricks of originality. Like their peers Autechre, Supersilent and Burnt Friedman, Icarus walk a tightrope between inherited musical tradition and experimentalism, using the former in service of the latter without compromising the power of either. The album twists its musical elements much in the way its title plays on Walt Whitman's famous poem pointing to a possible new direction for electronic music, recombining the past in new ways to render it completely innovative, while incorporating distinctly recognizable acoustic instruments to ground the compositions in an approximation of reality.
Icarus will be touring the world throughout 2004. Their live shows invoke a high-energy laptop duet, leading to wildly different performances with each appearance.
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