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Tamara Williamson

All Those Racing Horses CD

Since moving to Toronto from England in the early 90s, Tamara has been a mainstay on the Canadian alternative music scene. She has also worked on several occasions with trip-hop sensations King Cobb Steelie, fronts Toronto's Microbunny, the atmospheric noise-rockers whose work has been featured on Dutch TV, HBO films, PSI Factor and others. To date, she has been the only voice to ever grace a Do Make Say Think album, 2001's And Yet and Yet. On her fourth solo release, All Those Racing Horses, Williamson continues her unique brand of looping, stereoscopic wizardry. Trumpet, cello, violin and mouth organ are woven together with ambient samples such as a surprisingly musical modem, making a listen on headphones (be it ever so cliché to advise somebody to do so) an almost spiritual experience. Though the tracks on the album reveal a palpable pop-sensibility, the chord progressions never quite go where one might expect.
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