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Auburn Lull

Cast From the Platform CD

After a 3-year sojourn culminating in remote mountainside sessions in the Allegheny Range, sole-surviving Michigan space rock pioneers Auburn Lull return with their latest full-length Cast From The Platform. Cut from the same transparent cloth as their classic debut Alone I Admire, Cast From The Platform offers 11 new songs laced together with the signature reverbed guitars, samples, strings, loops and electronics that always propel the group's complex, delicate and powerful compositions.
Produced by Andrew Prinz and recorded in studios, houses, an echo chamber and even a grain silo, Cast From The Platform sees Auburn Lull's use of shimmering harmony and counterpoint move forward on songs like 'Building Fifty' and 'Deterior,' while works like 'Season of False Starts' and 'Direction and Destination' build under the influence of slowly-changing, gently-unfolding guitar and celli phrases.
Recommended for fans of Mahogany, Slowdive, Mojave 3, Cocteau Twins, The Moody Blues.
"I don't think I alone admire their ability to bring heaven to the earth." -- Chistopher Dare, Pitchfork.
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