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Iggy and the Stooges

Year of the Iguana CD

In 1997 the press echoed the rumor of a STOOGES reunion: this was going to be "The Year Of The Iguana." To coincide with the event, BOMP released this awesome collection of material culled from the acclaimed Iguana Series, remastered with some PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED tracks, complete with liner notes by Greg Shaw and packaged with stunning photos by Leni Sinclair. As we all know, the highly anticipated STOOGES reunion did not occur, and the release went out of print. But The Year Of The Iguana still stands as a raw, ferocious document and Bomp! is now bringing it back for your listening pleasure. "The STOOGES' success was in part due to their ability to translate their elemental violence onto tape - something their contemporaries the MC5 often struggled to achieve. Even so, the unreleased IGGY occasionally burned with even greater tungsten-bright intensity, if such a thing was possible, as evidenced by this 11-track triumph of rehearsal tapes and Raw Power outtakes from 1973." - Record Collector.
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