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We're pretty sure that this record, The Yellow Melodies' latest release, is bound to be this season's - or even this year's- "Surprise". Although, if you come to think of it, the record's title shouldn't surprise anyone, for after the release of the band's last record ("High", their first on Jabalina) the band suffered a profound change in their line-up and therefore re-oriented their approach to make it fit with all the newcomers. This has taken them to a territory where the winds of Sixties music, Northern Soul and certain contemporary genres (Belle & Sebastian, Harvest Ministers) blow harder than ever. A 'back to basics' policy that has not changed their musical principles whatsoever - The Yellow Melodies still have it, and these colorist six songs will move listeners more than ever. This is a record where you can find the best ingredients of pop with added vitamins, such as fine guitars, drum and bass, plus special features that make a difference and define the band's new style: the ever-present viola and Hammond organ, plus the Yellettes' backing vocals. "Surprise" shows Rafa Skam's (vocals, guitar, also a member of Vacaciones) tunesmith talent, assisted by his three new companions, Laura Sahagún (keyboards), María de Mar (viola) and Pilar (bass), three girls that share his love for pop music and who are also responsible for much of the band's evolution. Spirit is essential in transmitting music credibly, and in "Surprise" The Yellow Melodies are soaking with infectious enthusiasm. All the way from "Someone special", an opener which shows the band's great taste for a pop tune, or the spectacular closer "All I want in my life", this is a brilliant piece of work with a compromise for pop music's cause. The CD was recorded in an analogic studio with special attention to many stimulating details that the listener should discover little by little, song by song. Special mention to "Surprise", a treasure of a song (and a hit-to-be), the incredible "Believe", or the vibrant "Shooting star" and "Waiting on".
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