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Bilge Pump

Let Me Breathe CD

The jewel of the north (Leeds, England) is well known for its steady turn-out of self-sufficient, trend proof rock wallahs. Bilge Pump are no exception. Think Gang of Four bass tumbling over Led Zep drum-rollick, slammed up against gnarled, screeching King Crimson guitar fripperies. Bilge Pump are veterans of numerous European shindigs, UK tours with Erase Errata and The Mars Volta, two John Peel sessions and they also find time to play in a slew of other bands (including Red Monkey, Polaris, HIM). They are without doubt the most exciting band in the UK right now! "'Let Me Breathe' is ten times better than every record you heard today, heard yesterday and will hear tomorrow. If you're shaking your head, you're either a lying scumbag or you've got a facial tic." - Diskant webzine Album of the Year
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