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Walker Kong

Transparent Life LP

walker kong never intended to go away. it just happened one day. why you ask? because what your health teacher said about the effects of listening to loud music for 15 years is true. frontman, jeremy ackerman nearly called it quits after a high-pitched sound from a guitar amp during practice almost permanently ruined ackerman's hearing. unable to hear anything without pain, it seemed understood that it was the end. these songs were written during 14 months of ringing ears and an indescribable sensitivity to high frequencies. because of the circumstances at hand-the songs were written softly. thanks to acupuncture and custom sound filtration implements, these soft songs got louder. Such songs appear on the walker kong sophomore release "transparent life". some stuff that was important in the making of this record: swiss chocolate, tequila shots with salt and a lime,vintage violence, a span of two winters, orange juice, dub mixes, a new zealand group, a few seminal bands from new york, one from california and another couple from britain, a memory man delay module, a hollow body guitar, early 70's studio sounds, the collages of ray johnson, dramatic accents, trust and a group of completely devoted souls.
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