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RECOMMENDED!!! "Madlib. The Beat Conductor. Loop Digga. One-upped indie hip hop with Lootpack's Soundpieces: Da Antidote. Traveled to fantastic planets with alter-ego Quasimoto on the groundbreaking concept album The Unseen. Dug through Blue Note's vaults for Shades of Blue. Linked up with Detroit beat-superstar Jay Dilla for Jaylib. Most recently found himself side by side with MF Doom for Madvillain. His most talked about YNQ project was little more than a promotional disc, manufactured with a press run of 1500 pieces in conjunction with New York-based clothing company Triple 5 Soul. The Stevie album, a series of soulful Stevie Wonder covers that Madlib flipped early on in his YNQ tenure, quickly found its way to bidders willing to fork out over $100 per disc on eBay, was briefly bootlegged on vinyl, and led to the question that those lucky enough to snag a dub were forced to ask: when is this thing going to see proper release?! The short answer -- now. Madlib's Stevie Wonder tribute comes remastered and resequenced, with a bonus track and new artwork."
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