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Taking the bull by the horn, I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In the House's sophomore full-length, "Put Here To Bleed", pulls no punches when discussing the current state of affairs in the U.S. Speaking out against George W. Bush ("Twerp", "American Fuck Machine"), gun-totin' NRA President Charlton Heston ("Dear Mr. Heston"), and the American government at large ("Things That Fail"). "Put Here To Bleed" is a political live wire, the much-needed protest record for those that want to speak out again Bush's war while also still having a good time. With a name like I Can Lick Anysonofabitch In the House, the band puts it all on the line - and they deliver. When front man Mike Damron sings, he lets it all out. In "Dear Mr. Heston" Damron relives the tragedy of his youngest brother accidentally getting shot while he and friends played with guns in the backyard of their Las Vegas home. "Josh said I know where mama keeps the gun/ she won't even know that it's gone/ I took my class and I got my license/ now my little brother will never know the love of a girl/ and he'll never drink a cold one/ and he'll never see another sunrise/ and he'll never damn sure, damn sure fire that gun," Damron sings with chilling conviction. The song soon erupts back into the chorus: "Dear Mr. Heston, if you ever saw a 12-year-old boy's brain splattered on a kitchen wall, well you'd hang your head in shame, you rifle totin' whore. Cold-blooded, old-blooded, sick-ass man". Then in "Things That Fail" Damron's anti-war sentiments strike a chord, making you weep as he speaks for us all: "Dubya Dubya three is a man on a mission, he's got a war to sell, these are things that fail". The Dandy Warhols' Courtney Taylor soon gets his ego put in check on "The Ballad of Courtney Taylor": "All you pretty women, best do what I say. If I see one green M&M, there is gonna be hell to pay. What's that shit, salami? On my deli try! I'm gonna leak it to the Willamette Week that I'm bi-sexual or gay, 'cause I'm a rockstar," snarls Damron, mocking the holler-than-thou attitude possessed by Taylor and other like-minded rock stars. "Put Here To Bleed" is an intense, ass-kicking ride through I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In the House's punk-minded, alt-country, gritty rock 'n' roll vision.
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