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Lali Puna

Faking the Books CD

"Faking The Books, Lali Puna's third album, is a maverick display of pop sensibilities applied to a world gone wrong. All the ingredients are there: The killer hooks, the subliminal fusion of generic undertones, Valerie Trebeljahr's alluring vocal delivery that at first soothes the senses and at second glance portrays the system in all its celluloid, deceptive glory. Faking The Books is all about the signs of our times, inverting the Zeitgeist into something that not only explores the musical fusion of raucous instrumentation and layered, soothing production, but that also tells its story with a multi-colored grip on our peculiar reality. The songs direct themselves with a pop conviction that isn't afraid to mix vintage synths, vocal effects, garage drum workouts, Detroit strums, carefully arranged strings, electronic bass drums and a homage to all the bands that have paved the way for such diversity."
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