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Following the success of the Walnut Dash's first three 7" singles (Going Straight, Your Mum and I'm in Love) - all huge club hits in Tokyo - Vinyl Japan is proud to present the story so far: Titbits is the debut CD release from this trio of Essex based pop connoisseurs. It's good to see that the boys, Tom Braham (vocals/guitar), Malcolm Moore (bass/vocals) and Daryl Keys (drums/vocals) have done the decent thing and not only given us the three singles, with their respective B-sides (Sarah H., Just Feel and Top Drawer), but have garnished our Power Pop desire with two exclusive new tracks. The edgy, spine-tingling Stupid O'Clock (in the Morning) and the adrenaline blast of Cheers to Yer are not only mighty cuts but they continue the now infamous Dash trait of snappy tunes whose quality is only matched by their brevity. In fact, the whole album only just grazes the 18-minute mark; perfect for when you have a few minutes before you leave the house for a big night out. So here you go - eight of the finest Mod influenced songs produced this century. Every one an addictive guitar rocker, every one a work of harmonic genius, every one a hit! Think of The Hollies meeting The Buzzcocks and hiring in a decent tailor. That'll give you a pretty good idea what this dapper combo are all about. To call this album a compilation would be an insult. This is a compendium of excellence and no other words will suffice.
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