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Because of its limited edition first pressing and the high profile of the contributors Bright Eyes and Spoon singer/songwriter Britt Daniel, Home Volume IV was one of the most talked-about releases of 2002. Released the month before highly anticipated releases by each artists (Bright Eyes' Lifted, or the Story is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground; and Spoon's Kill the Moonlight), fans pounced on the 2,000 copies available. Before long, copies appeared on eBay and went for about twenty bucks each, eventually reaching $75. This rerelease (in a jewel case) will stay in print indefinitely. With both Spoon and Bright Eyes working on new releases, this fabled classic should tide over fans of both artists. "[Britt] Daniel's metallic guitar ... [alternates] between sparse plucking and jagged strums ... [a] direct and terse style ... [that is] a sharp contrast to Oberst's slow, unfolding allegories.... [S]imple, banged-out riffs burst with ecstatic energy.... The disc closes out with the simple, highly compelling co-write "Let the Distance Bring Us Together." Daniel handles vocals here ... with a voice that wavers between the hum of a power saw and a slick, quiet falsetto ... softly slurring words over a swollen tongue. The lyrics drag the song, unquestionably the highlight of the record, across the smooth sawdust floor of a Texas bar as Daniel subtly changes his pitch and tempo." --Brandon Wall, Pitchfork
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