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Elf Power

Walking with the Beggar Boys CD

Elf Power's latest album, Walking with the Beggar Boys, marks a definite change in sound and style for Athens, Georgia's underground cult favorites. New members Eric Harris (formerly of Olivia Tremor Control on guitar) and Craig McQuiston (formerly of the Glands on bass) join longtime members Andrew Rieger (singer/songwriter), Laura Carter (multi-instrumentalist) and Aaron Wegelin (drums), reinventing the band both musically and lyrically on their sixth release. Musically the band is all over the map this time, going from sleazy, T.Rex-y rockers ("Drawing Flies"), to psychedelic electronica ("The Cracks"), to blown out Southern boogie romps (title track, featuring a duet with folk rock legend Vic Chesnutt). Lyrically, the band foregoes the abstract supernatural imagery of their past releases for a more straightforward lyrical approach, with songs about the effects of advertising and media on modern America ("Empty Pictures", "Never Believe"), love songs ("Drawing Flies"), and even strange, autobiographical story songs about meeting up with a gang of beggar children in Warsaw ("Walking With the Beggar Boys"). Elf Power's finest moment is here, so listen up! Elf Power formed in Athens, GA in 1994, and have spent the last decade releasing six albums and touring the globe, from America to Europe to Japan and Brazil, playing with bands like R.E.M., Wilco, Guided By Voices, and Neutral Milk Hotel (whom Laura Carter also recorded and toured with), and have built a rabid underground following in the process. The band will be touring all over once again in support of this release, starting with a full U.S. tour in April and a Brazilian tour in May.
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