Tonevender Mailorder - 14 E University Ave. #206 / Gainesville, FL / 32601

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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! This is a keen pairing. Two of America's forward thinking producers together on one slab of deep fried vinyl. Mr. Casino requested this partnership many moons ago and it has proven to be a brain treat for all who have intercepted its signal. Together they have managed to splay the dream sequences and switched-on sonics, meanwhile retaining enough rhythm to keep it all still locked into our orbit. It's a joyously psychedelic weekender that proves everything and nothing all at once, taking only cues from each other and any surreal stimuli welcoming their handshake. Staring at the sun is highly encouraged. Influences hardly matter here, as the players involved seem only to be extending their own new path, driven by their own soul and the mad respect for their fellow travelers sitting next to them. The co-ordinates are locked into a place that favors experimentation over redundancy and puts a high value on the space in between your ears. Let it drip......slowly but surely you'll get there. Don't fight it, feel it.
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