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Le Mans


This is the new edition of the legendary Le Mans last album. This is a RE-MASTERED edition, with a DIFFERENT COVER, and with a BOOKLET containing all the lyrics of the album, and more information than the original release. This album has aroused a lot of expectations. Partly because of the extreme quality of its preceding singles -whose title tracks, "Mi Novela Autobiográfica" and "Yin Yang" are included in here; but mostly because anybody in the know is aware that every LE MANS' new record implies a giant step forward, a new surprise, as the band specializes in reinventing itself like any other one in the worldwide pop scene could even dream of. If this sounds a bit exaggerated to your ears, please remember the trilogy "Entresemana"/"Zerbina"/"Saudade" and try to find such an impredictable,but perfectly coherent evolution in any nineties band all over the world. Well, then here it is the ultimate leap forward. "Aquí vivía yo" ("Here is where I used to live", wonderful title) is LE MANS' B-E-S-T album EVER. OK, so this is what all record company infos always say of every record they put out. Besides, "Entresemana" and "Saudade" were so brilliant that some people think that the band reached its highlight long ago and all they can do is to inevitably go downhill, or just record a new album identical to the previous ones. Really?
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