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Jack Rose

Two Originals CD

The debut solo CD by Jack Rose combines his much-lauded Eclipse LPs Red Horse, White Mule and Opium Musick. While the former is generally recognized as inspired by the Takoma tradition, Rose adds his own exotic influences and recognizable touch-- whether abstracting on the modal epic "Red Horse" or the rough slide stylings of "The Colonel's Blues." The latter is an eclectic collection with pieces for 12-string (the percussive and dark "Black Pearls"), 6-string, and lap guitar. The two tracks featuring the lap guitar are duets. The lovely raga-ish "Yaman Blues" features Pelt's Mike Gangloff on tanpura, and the near-ragtime of "Linden Ave Stomp" features Glenn Jones of Cul de Sac on his vintage Gibson. The 12-page booklet reproduces the liner notes from both LPs and adds a few snaps. Blues scholar Kisan Nagai said about Red Horse, White Mule: Rose's personalized and disparate criteria awaken feelings of both rapture and tragedy on the scale of that which must have been felt by the newly-wed anthropologist who drove Kiowa Indian guests out of his Oklahoma residence with Victrola discs of Amelita Galli-Curci in order to go to bed with his bride, or the child who, on hearing Bugs Bunny sing Queen Liluokalani's dirge "Aloha Oe," quarantined himself in the clothes hamper until such time that the United States withdraws from Hawai'i. Blues scholar Joe R. Sack said about Opium Musick: In the year and half between Red Horse, White Mule and Opium Musick, Mr. Rose spent the majority of his time honing his ragtime and jass skills. He met Dr. Chattanooga Red soon after recording his first LP, who revealed the secrets of ragtime and jass to Jack in ancient ceremony.... On his deathbed he told Jack not to let the ragtime die and to bring it into the 21st century. And now we have Opium Musick ... a lovely tribute to Jack's beloved teacher.
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