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RECOMMENDED!! From the SS bio: "Hell, this record should be called No God Damn Filler cuz it has 13 cuts that are absolute killers. For the tenth S-S Records release, we got exclusive tracks from the A FRAMES, ANTENNAS ERRUPT, THE BLOWTOPS, BLUTT, COUNTRY TEASERS, CRASH NORMAL, DUCHESS OF SAIGON, GUINEA WORMS, THE INTELLIGENCE, KLONDIKE & YORK, THE PIRANHAS, SEXY PRISON, & UNNATURAL HELPERS. We assembled this thing by cherry picking the best songs from requested batches and fit this thing together like a seamless mix tape. And all the time we were thinking of the great comps of the past that defined punk as an unstatic, multi-dimensional universe (Chunks, Keats Rides a Harley, Let Them Eat Jellybeans, etc.). From outsider garage pop to frantic free jazz, here is the future of punk. On white vinyl. No CD issue."
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